Youth Sessions

When Science and Faith Collide

Dr. Matthew Morris
Certain popularizers of science have made some pretty bold claims about the relationship between science and faith. Is it true that science has disproven God? On the other side, certain Christian leaders have made bold claims about scientific evidences for a Designer. Is it true that science has proven God? Is science even capable of deciding on the matter of God? Come to this session to find out what science can, and cannot, do!

Technically Speaking

Lane Scruggs
The world produces 2.5 Exabytes of data on a daily basis (and that number keeps rising) and scientists, psychologists, and health professionals are telling us that the way we receive that information is changing our brains. Is there a healthy way to deal with the information overload we’re being attacked by? Are there ways to use our phones and tablets that don’t lead to obsession, depression, and pornography? In this session, we’ll discuss not just the startling facts of recent studies, but hopefully, offer some practical steps to help all of us use these tools and information in Christ-like ways.

Clinging to God when Life Becomes Overwhelming

Kari Clark
A mother’s walk through grief and loss.

What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

Gary Lepine, Clinical Ethicist for Alberta Health Services
Theological and existential considerations when thinking about why what you do with your life might matter beyond getting a pay cheque.

Art Classes

Guided Painting: Elena Hiebert
Leather Craft: Christy Komar

$10 fee for supplies, pre-register or pay at the time of the session. Spaces may be limited.

Drama Activities

Pete Justine

Leader Sessions

Navigating the Creation-Evolution Debate

Dr. Matthew Morris
In this session, we will explore the different models of relating modern scientific findings to scripture, while encouraging humility for an often contentious issue. This is designed for youth leaders who may wish for some background when their students ask difficult questions.