Workshops are topical and interactive small group sessions on subjects that are relevant to youth and support the weekend theme. Participants have the opportunity to attend 2 sessions on Saturday morning and can choose from several options.

  1. Faith Conversations - Chantal Joubert, Power to Change. “What is the Gospel Message?”, “What are some barriers my friends have to following Jesus?”, “How do I talk about my faith without losing my friends?” Join this session to explore what conversations on faith and spirituality can look like with friends and classmates, and how to walk alongside others who don’t yet know Jesus.

  2. Faith and Dating - Ryan & Dayna Carroll, Youth Minister, Calgary Church of Christ

  3. The Perfect from the Imperfect - Hunter Pawlak, YWAM School of Biblical Studies (SBS) Student, Come learn about the diverse backgrounds of the people in the genealogy of Jesus.

  4. Life and Times of Jesus - David Ford, Professor and Academic Dean at Alberta Bible College Why did Jesus Choose Mary Magdalene to be the first human witness of His resurrection? Dive deep into faith and scripture through this in-depth conversation drawn from a first year ABC course.

  5. Faith And Sports - Sterling Kerr, Oak Park Church of Christ.
    Join Sterling Kerr, professional soccer goalkeeper and student to discuss the many intersections between the worlds of sports and faith. Whether you are an athlete yourself or just want to learn more about topics of spiritual discipline, identity in Christ, leadership, victory and losses in life; this talk is for you! Together we will explore scriptures that can guide athletes and non-athletes alike in living with Jesus as the guiding force in your life.

  6. Missions. Mission. Missional - Jonathan Straker, Associate Minister, Calgary Church of Christ.
    If we are talking about our role in God’s plan to rescue His creation and make things better in the world, it’s not just about what we can do in church or what we study in a classroom. It’s bigger than that! What does God want for everything around us? How big are those plans? How is God making them happen? How can we figure out what our part is in His plan?

  7. Craft Session- Extra Fee $10 for supplies, payable at registration or on arrival.
    Participants will be making wearable art, wristbands, bracelets, necklaces and keychains. Suitable for everyone!

  8. Youth Leaders Session (Session 2 only) - Rinus Janson, Varsity Bible Church Pastor, PYPA and ABC Alumni and former ABC Faculty. A conversational session centered around Navigating Tricky Waters. Learning together how to lean into delicate conversations with truth and love.