Workshops are topical and interactive small group sessions on subjects that are relevant to youth and support the weekend theme. Participants have the opportunity to attend 2 sessions on Saturday morning and can choose from several options.

Art and Devotion-

Jessie Van Den Beukel

A guided painting session with a devotional on the theme. There is additional $10 fee for supplies.

Sign of the Times

Hunter Pawlak

Revelation isn’t a book about destruction, despair and loss. Instead, it is a book about hope and restoration to former creation.


Cal Hultgren

Exploring the concept of water baptism, the example of Jesus and the purpose of baptism in the journey of a believer.

Exploring Feelings of Anxiety & Depression

Marcia Cameron, MAC, Counselling Therapist, Innovative Counselling Solutions

What makes someone feel sad for no tangible reason? Why do I feel anxious all the time or stressed when I know things are going to be ok? These are some of the questions we will tackle during this workshop. What are the differences between anxiety and depression, symptoms to look for and strategies to help cope with these feelings.

Food and our Bodies in a world of Fast Food, Super Models and Sports Stars

Sarah Higgins

In a world of fast food, super models and sports stars, how do we navigate the relationship with food and our bodies? We will explore together what the Good Lord has to say to us, His chosen ones.

Dating: What is God’s Perfect plan?

Cory Pytlarz, Student Body Dean Alberta Bible College

A panel of ABC students and faculty discusses pursuing Gods will in this aspect of their lives.