About PYPA

Prairie Young People’s Association (PYPA) was established in 1928 as a conference consisting of the Young People’s Groups of Churches of Christ, Christian Churches and Disciples of Christ in Western Canada and Northwestern USA, who desired such fellowship. The age limit for PYPA is 13 years or attending junior high school, and up to 25 years of age.

PYPA is a place for young people to come together for a time of learning, fellowship and connection across youth groups and age groups, a tool for youth leaders to build community among their youth and a support system for youth leaders to train, encourage and assist them in their mission.

Teens and young adults can make friends with other young Christians who have the same love of Christ and the same desire to walk the path that God has set for them. It is also a great outreach opportunity for them to invite their friends to a weekend where they will hear the Good News of the gospel and be given the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Youth Conference has been a highlight over the course of the more than 80 year history of Prairie Young People’s Association, and for many generations of youth, until it was discontinued a few years ago. We believe that with strong host church leadership and strong participation from the youth groups in our fellowship, conference can again be an important event in the lives of our youth.

As an organizing committee and host church we are committed to providing a challenging, Christ-centered experience for the youth who attend, and to earning the trust of leaders who are taking the time out their busy lives to bring the kids to this event.