Friday March 15

6:30 Registration

7:00 Welcome & Ice Breaker games

     Worship & Speaker


10:00 Depart for home or billet

Saturday March 16

9:00 Welcome and Wake Up

Breakout Session 1 - 8 Sessions to choose from, see workshop tab for details

Breakout Session 2

12:00 Lunch. Presidents Lunch for Grades 11 & 12

1:30 Recreation- We will be heading downtown by chartered bus for a team building activity. Wild Goose Chase is a scavenger hunt type race that involves completing taskes and earning points as a team. Teams can track their progress and the progress of other teams on an app. The team with most points at the end of the time limit wins. 4:00 Meet back at Bus to return to ABC. 5:00 Supper

6:00 Evening Program

     Worship & Speaker

     Coffee House, Organized Games, Gym and Snacks

10:00 Depart for Home or Billets

Sunday March 17

10:00 Worship & Speaker

12:00 Pick up/ Departure